the Artist, the Author, the Designer

THE AUTHOR: I am writing a fantasy fiction novel at the present time.  It’s main character is undetermined as to any details.  Not even gender, though I believe that is will be a girl.  I may think that I am writing multiple books right now, but they most likely will turn out as one book, when it is published.  I think that I may also write a nonfiction book.  I have no idea what about, but I may decide to.

THE ARTIST: Can I really describe how I am an artist?  Is it possible?  All I can say about it is that everything I do is unique, from crocheting to drawing to writing to blogging, and many more that would sound ridiculous to mention the way I did those four above.

THE DESIGNER: This one pretty much is the Artist one, as all I can say is that I design patterns, pictures and plots–though I have some difficulty with thinking of a good plot.  Please comment your ideas!  I am willing to consider most!

I have said what I have to say about my hobbies.  Now write a nice long comment about your own, or what you think of mine!

SUDDEN BRAINSTORM! I have just had an excellent idea for a book!  I need to quickly go to Word and write it!


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