Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and…chickens?!

I have now finished crocheting the Mario and Luigi heads my brother had asked me to make for him.  But I have a surprise for him: I’m making a Yoshi for him!  He is actually buying the Mario and Luigi, but Yoshi will be his Yule gift.  I followed a pattern for the Mario and Luigi, but I am making my own Yoshi pattern.  The Mario and Luigi heads are roughly baseball size, a little bigger.  I had to make two Luigi hats because the first one turned out way too big.

I will try to get some photographs on here, but I may be a little late with them.

Speaking of photos, I got new batteries for my camera.  Now I can take more photos for this blog!  I am so happy!

The batteries are Maxell alkaline AA batteries.  1.5 volts.  If that matters.

Have you ever heard of the book called Keeping Chickens?  Here is a link to the page for it: Keeping Chickens.

This is making me think about the website called My Pet Chicken.  It’s all about chickens.  They even sell chickens and chicken-themed gifts and whatnot.  Oh, and have I mentioned that I like the Rhode Island Red breed of chicken?  This is the My Pet Chicken page about it: Rhode Island Red.

I would show you my photographs of my Mario and Luigi, but the USB cable isn’t here, so I can’t get them onto the computer.  But I want to tell you this amusing bit of thought: the photos look like the line-up photos.  You know, when the line of people stand facing forward for a photo, then they turn sideways for another?  Anyway, I found that funny.

Well, this post, besides being on the wrong day, is long enough.  See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and…chickens?!

  1. design goddess says:

    I love your blogging!
    I saw the Yoshi for real, and I think it is superb!
    You are very talented… and modest.

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