My New Plan

Is to write a bunch of posts when I have time, and set them to publish every Thursday.  That way I don’t have to worry about writing anything, because I already wrote it!  Genius, isn’t it?  Well, some Affiliate Marketer said (on an Audio Cassette) that that was what he did for his blogs.  So I just Borrowed the Idea.  And he gave a few Other Ideas, but I won’t share them yet.  I can’t Explain Them Properly anyway.  But what he said gave me some ideas.  Such as the one I already told you about.  That’s how this post is on Thursday again.  Even though for real it is still the last Thursday.  It’s really still November 12!

But this post should also be about Boring Things.  To make it longer.  I got New Shoes recently.  They are tan–which goes with Most of My Clothes Nicely–and fit perfectly.  They don’t fall off and they don’t give me blisters, like my other two Pairs of Shoes.  Well, now I only have the Shoes That Give Me Blisters, because the Other Pair was Old.  But I won’t talk about My Shoes, even though they even have a Padded Section for the Arch of Your Foot…No, I will talk about Other Things.  Other Things could be Anything or Everything, or even Nothing.  But the Other Things I am talking about are more of the Unimportant But Still Discussed Things.  Also the Not Really of Interest Things.  But these Unimportant But Still Discussed, Not Really of Interest Things are really so unimportant that I shall not discuss them.  But I shall discuss some Unusual Things, or some Abnormally Strange Things, such as Winged Tigers, or Friendly Sharks, or even Non-Gaming Sisters of Mine.  Though that last one is too outrageous to speak of.  They will never be Non-Gaming Sisters of Mine.  They will always be Gamer Sisters of Mine.  Saying ‘Mine’ so many times makes me think of a Mine.  Such as the Mine in The Legend of Zelda: the Minnish Cap.  If you have not heard of that Game Boy Advanced game, don’t worry; it isn’t really Important Enough to Have to Know What It Is.  It just is Something to Mention When I Have Nothing Else to Talk About.  But enough of this Talking of Nothing and Yet Everything.  See you again Next Thursday.  -K Wolf


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