It’s Been Too Long

Since i last posted on this blog.  i guess i should pay more attention to it.  i promise that from now on i will.  i will post every Thursday.  How’s that?  i hope it’s good enough, because that’s the best i can do.

But I should mention my latest Crochet Plans, because I am sure you are very interested in what I have been up to in the time since I last posted.

Well, i have been (no, that’s an overstatement, i am supposed to have been is more accurate) working on this scarf of cupcakes.  i have all twenty cupcakes finished, but i have to crochet cherries, and i have to sew in ALL OF THOSE TAILS!  It’s a waking nightmare!  But I’m almost done it.  i just really hate this scarf.  i would give you some photographs, but i don’t have any of it.

Besides that scarf, i have planned a duck and a rabbit to crochet.  But i have too much to make just yet to start on either.  i have Mario and Luigi heads to crochet for my brother Tom, a little bag thing for my Dad, and lot’s of stuff my Mom wants me to make.  Now that Christmas/Yule is the next main holiday, i have even more to make.  One of my sisters wants me to make her fingerless gloves, another’s birthday is THIS MONTH and i’m making a potholder for her that has a skull on it, and so much more.  It’s overwhelming!

Now let’s talk about my book.  i am a little further on it than before, but i started writing another version of it.  It is hard being an author.  i get Writer’s Block so much i can barely write.  i am only on the third SMALL page of Version Two.  Did you know that i am writing book two at the same time as book one?  Yes, but i need to edit it a lot, maybe even adding it to book one, changing one character to another.

Wow!  This is the longest post i have ever written on this blog!  This is great!  i am getting better at just writing!  Even writing about nothing!  Just writing!  Wow.

But now that i am over my excitement, i realize that i should end it.  i have other things that i should attend to.  See you next week!


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