the Artist, the Author, the Designer

THE AUTHOR: I am writing a fantasy fiction novel at the present time.  It’s main character is undetermined as to any details.  Not even gender, though I believe that is will be a girl.  I may think that I am writing multiple books right now, but they most likely will turn out as one book, when it is published.  I think that I may also write a nonfiction book.  I have no idea what about, but I may decide to.

THE ARTIST: Can I really describe how I am an artist?  Is it possible?  All I can say about it is that everything I do is unique, from crocheting to drawing to writing to blogging, and many more that would sound ridiculous to mention the way I did those four above.

THE DESIGNER: This one pretty much is the Artist one, as all I can say is that I design patterns, pictures and plots–though I have some difficulty with thinking of a good plot.  Please comment your ideas!  I am willing to consider most!

I have said what I have to say about my hobbies.  Now write a nice long comment about your own, or what you think of mine!

SUDDEN BRAINSTORM! I have just had an excellent idea for a book!  I need to quickly go to Word and write it!


Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and…chickens?!

I have now finished crocheting the Mario and Luigi heads my brother had asked me to make for him.  But I have a surprise for him: I’m making a Yoshi for him!  He is actually buying the Mario and Luigi, but Yoshi will be his Yule gift.  I followed a pattern for the Mario and Luigi, but I am making my own Yoshi pattern.  The Mario and Luigi heads are roughly baseball size, a little bigger.  I had to make two Luigi hats because the first one turned out way too big.

I will try to get some photographs on here, but I may be a little late with them.

Speaking of photos, I got new batteries for my camera.  Now I can take more photos for this blog!  I am so happy!

The batteries are Maxell alkaline AA batteries.  1.5 volts.  If that matters.

Have you ever heard of the book called Keeping Chickens?  Here is a link to the page for it: Keeping Chickens.

This is making me think about the website called My Pet Chicken.  It’s all about chickens.  They even sell chickens and chicken-themed gifts and whatnot.  Oh, and have I mentioned that I like the Rhode Island Red breed of chicken?  This is the My Pet Chicken page about it: Rhode Island Red.

I would show you my photographs of my Mario and Luigi, but the USB cable isn’t here, so I can’t get them onto the computer.  But I want to tell you this amusing bit of thought: the photos look like the line-up photos.  You know, when the line of people stand facing forward for a photo, then they turn sideways for another?  Anyway, I found that funny.

Well, this post, besides being on the wrong day, is long enough.  See you tomorrow!

My New Plan

Is to write a bunch of posts when I have time, and set them to publish every Thursday.  That way I don’t have to worry about writing anything, because I already wrote it!  Genius, isn’t it?  Well, some Affiliate Marketer said (on an Audio Cassette) that that was what he did for his blogs.  So I just Borrowed the Idea.  And he gave a few Other Ideas, but I won’t share them yet.  I can’t Explain Them Properly anyway.  But what he said gave me some ideas.  Such as the one I already told you about.  That’s how this post is on Thursday again.  Even though for real it is still the last Thursday.  It’s really still November 12!

But this post should also be about Boring Things.  To make it longer.  I got New Shoes recently.  They are tan–which goes with Most of My Clothes Nicely–and fit perfectly.  They don’t fall off and they don’t give me blisters, like my other two Pairs of Shoes.  Well, now I only have the Shoes That Give Me Blisters, because the Other Pair was Old.  But I won’t talk about My Shoes, even though they even have a Padded Section for the Arch of Your Foot…No, I will talk about Other Things.  Other Things could be Anything or Everything, or even Nothing.  But the Other Things I am talking about are more of the Unimportant But Still Discussed Things.  Also the Not Really of Interest Things.  But these Unimportant But Still Discussed, Not Really of Interest Things are really so unimportant that I shall not discuss them.  But I shall discuss some Unusual Things, or some Abnormally Strange Things, such as Winged Tigers, or Friendly Sharks, or even Non-Gaming Sisters of Mine.  Though that last one is too outrageous to speak of.  They will never be Non-Gaming Sisters of Mine.  They will always be Gamer Sisters of Mine.  Saying ‘Mine’ so many times makes me think of a Mine.  Such as the Mine in The Legend of Zelda: the Minnish Cap.  If you have not heard of that Game Boy Advanced game, don’t worry; it isn’t really Important Enough to Have to Know What It Is.  It just is Something to Mention When I Have Nothing Else to Talk About.  But enough of this Talking of Nothing and Yet Everything.  See you again Next Thursday.  -K Wolf

It’s Been Too Long

Since i last posted on this blog.  i guess i should pay more attention to it.  i promise that from now on i will.  i will post every Thursday.  How’s that?  i hope it’s good enough, because that’s the best i can do.

But I should mention my latest Crochet Plans, because I am sure you are very interested in what I have been up to in the time since I last posted.

Well, i have been (no, that’s an overstatement, i am supposed to have been is more accurate) working on this scarf of cupcakes.  i have all twenty cupcakes finished, but i have to crochet cherries, and i have to sew in ALL OF THOSE TAILS!  It’s a waking nightmare!  But I’m almost done it.  i just really hate this scarf.  i would give you some photographs, but i don’t have any of it.

Besides that scarf, i have planned a duck and a rabbit to crochet.  But i have too much to make just yet to start on either.  i have Mario and Luigi heads to crochet for my brother Tom, a little bag thing for my Dad, and lot’s of stuff my Mom wants me to make.  Now that Christmas/Yule is the next main holiday, i have even more to make.  One of my sisters wants me to make her fingerless gloves, another’s birthday is THIS MONTH and i’m making a potholder for her that has a skull on it, and so much more.  It’s overwhelming!

Now let’s talk about my book.  i am a little further on it than before, but i started writing another version of it.  It is hard being an author.  i get Writer’s Block so much i can barely write.  i am only on the third SMALL page of Version Two.  Did you know that i am writing book two at the same time as book one?  Yes, but i need to edit it a lot, maybe even adding it to book one, changing one character to another.

Wow!  This is the longest post i have ever written on this blog!  This is great!  i am getting better at just writing!  Even writing about nothing!  Just writing!  Wow.

But now that i am over my excitement, i realize that i should end it.  i have other things that i should attend to.  See you next week!