Yesterday there was a bat in my Mom’s store.  Up on the ceiling at the back, sleeping.  I took photographs of it, of course, but too bad I missed seeing it fly away!  True, my camera’s batteries nearly died, but I could have taken one more photograph of it flying away.  It was, as you can see in the photographs, small and brown, about three inches long not counting it’s tail or wings, and gremlin-faced when you look at it right.  It was there all day, until Dad captured it in one of my sister”s net and freed it out in front of the store.  If I hadn’t taken photographs of it, there would be no real point in posting this, right?  Well, it was neat having a bat in the store anyway.  The paint store lady said that she thinks bats are creepy, but I don’t; they’re neat, as long as they don’t get too close to me.  F0ur feet away, fine.  Less than a foot?  Not fine.  Luckily no bat has ever gotten that close.  Now for the photographs.


Okay I made that last one with a picture from Google, but so what?  It looks neat!  Anyway…

What do you think of bats?  Post a comment to let me know!


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