I have two logos for this website that I can’t decide between.  Do you think you could help?  Here they are:

Green Yarn Crochet logo 1

Green Yarn Crochet logo 2

Post a comment to tell me which one you like best.

Thanks.  -K


4 thoughts on “Logos

  1. Katy says:

    I would say that I like the first one, but I also like the second one, so I say that more people should comment!

  2. scott says:

    hey, i like the 2nd one because it has a classic sort of look to it, im currently working on a logo for a family member in a similar way, im a student in graphic design and think this is awesome, if it was done in a differnt want


  3. scott says:

    well ive just done one for my mum who is into crochet and other crafts, so ive done a ball of yarn/wool and coming from it is my mums name with a crochet needle at the other end of it having just made the name from the wool/yarn, this looks good but id of done i with a higher qualitly personally.

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