Indavidual posts

Hello.  I have decided that I’m not going to use that one post to write my daily (sometimes weekly) posts.  I’ll actually write an individual post!  It makes sense, right?

Anyway, I think today’s post will be about the book I’m writing.  I still haven’t decided on a title yet, so I can’t tell you that.  But I can say that it’s about a girl in another world who–as far as I’ve planned it–goes on a quest or something like that.  I haven’t even decided on her name yet!  I’ve decided on the names of two of her three siblings, but I’m not going to share those until the book is published (there will be four books in the series, but I am still planning.)  I haven’t even finished writing the first chapter, so I can’t give you a sneak peek at it.  I guess I shouldn’t have teased you by mentioning it, if I can’t share anything.  Oops.  I guess today’s entry is done, then.  Bye.  -K


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